Guest Page for Inquiring Minds Who Want to Know about Our Church



What Do You People Believe?

We believe God is revealed through His only son, Jesus.
We believe after the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, the presence of Jesus comes to us in The Holy Spirit.
We believe connection with God is by God’s gift of grace, and the more we grow in our connection through God’s love and truth our lives change to be more like Jesus.
We believe there can be similarity and unique ways people mature in their relationship with God.
We rely to be faithfully obedient to God by the leading of The Holy Spirit, the inspired truth of the Bible, the teachings from tradition/history of the church and experience of life to inform us about God and how we are to live.


How Can I Get to Know the Congregation?


Join us for worship at 10:30 at our new location at 6033 Old Brownsville Rd.

You can check out our Sunday School groups. Some groups get rolling at 9:15 and others at 9:30.

We have two women’s groups that meet each month. Email or phone us for more info about them.

Pastor Gus leads a men’s group that generally meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM. Contact him at for more information.

One on One – call the office, talk with staff or ask to speak to Pastor Gus, we would love to meet for coffee and share.

Currently we are children and youth challenged. However, if you have kids or teenagers, we would love to talk about a new way we envision our church being a place for you and your kids.