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    Acts 15:1-29 contains the story of the church resolving a very important question.  The question would have great impact on the future mission of the church. I won’t elaborate on the question but highlight the process of resolving the question. Read the story and pay close attention to verse twenty-two because it elaborates on the process to resolve the question. Acts15:22 states, “Then the apostles and the elders, with consent of the whole church, decided to choose men from among the members and to send them to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas.”  I see in this story guidance for us at this important time for our congregation.  The apostles and elders formulated a solution to the question at hand and then brought that before the church for affirmation.  Our leadership has put before the church recommendations and now the congregation needs to decide whether to affirm those recommendations.  Sunday after worship we’ll ask you to decide on three key recommendations. 

     Before I list those key recommendations, let me make a comment about a change in the process for this coming Sunday.  Last Sunday a question was asked if we were affirming each individual recommendation or all the recommendations as one.  I shared my preference that we affirm the recommendations as one or a whole. However, I gave that question more thought because we want the process to be genuine and make sure that our leadership is doing our best to serve.  We do not want a process that may seem to force a path forward on people. Therefore, on Monday, Lee Lewter as chair of the Board, Mack Bennett, chair of the Elders and I discussed further the question that arose on Sunday and decided that it would be best to breakdown these recommendations into three key areas.


One: Affirm whether we continue as a congregation.


Two: Affirm whether we will amend our by-laws and utilize a new core leadership team as we move forward.


Three: Alter our worship format and strive for a more simple and celebratory format as I and the elders have recommended.

We hope this allows members to affirm only what each person’s conscience can truly support.  I hope this information reveals effort to lead based on examples from the New Testament and have a process that allows each member to be true to their convictions.


One last word that is a part of our consideration about moving forward and that is we need as many people as able to commit to helping fill ministry rolls. 

We need people to help transport items for both Sunday School and worship from the church’s office to the BSC and back each Sunday. 

We will need more people to help with the hospitality efforts of greeting, refreshments, and light cleanup after each service.

We have some roles of service such as treasurer, elder and deacons that need filled.

If you affirm the desire to continue our ministry, be aware of these areas that need people to step in and serve as you are able and have the gifts to serve.


It’s All about Him


Pastor Gus 

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