Wedding Policy Guidelines


Decatur Trinity Christian Church

May 16, 2017


The wedding policy guidelines below apply to any person officiating a wedding at Decatur-Trinity Christian Church (DTCC). Such officiants include the DTCC pastor as well as any other person from inside or outside the church membership acting in that capacity.  The definition of Decatur-Trinity Christian Church includes the entire church property: the sanctuary, the interior chapel, any DTCC building, the outside chapel, and all of the outside property.


Use of DTCC must be arranged through the church office and is subject to the pastor’s approval and these wedding policy guidelines.  The office will furnish a copy of the guidelines and fee information as inquiries are made.




Pre-marital discussion sessions (usually as many as three) will be required prior to ceremony. These sessions are to spot any concerns that could jeopardize the long-term success of the marriage.  They also are a help in highlighting the strengths of the couple’s relationship to build upon in the marriage. If the couple uses DTCC’s pastor, counseling sessions will not be conducted on weekends.  Early to late afternoons are preferable, but evening meetings can be arranged.


Sexual Ethics


It is the policy of DTCC that only weddings of those couples who are living apart and are committed to celibacy until they are married will be conducted.  If a couple is currently living together, they must separate and make a commitment to remain celibate until they are married.  This stipulation is consistent with the teachings of scripture that sexual relations are for the man and woman joined together in a sacred commitment of marriage. (Hebrews 13:4, Matthew 19:1-6, Ephesians 5:3)


If these scriptural truths are violated before the marriage, then the vows made in the ceremony will have no integrity.  The wedding ceremony conducted in the church is an act of worship to be entered into with truthfulness.  If biblical teachings regarding sexual and relational ethics are already being discounted and ignored by the wedding couple, then their vows to God are empty.  The willingness to trust God’s word by waiting for sexual intimacy and gratification to be fulfilled in marriage prepares the couple to wait and trust God through the joys and sorrows of life together.


Financial hardships are no reason to justify living together.  Living together has been seen to serve as a relationship’s trial balloon, rather than an answer to a financial hardship.  There may be circumstances where a couple is living together for other reasons that the pastor will consider and it will be at the pastor’s discretion to conduct the wedding.


No weddings between same-sex partners will be performed on Decatur-Trinity Christian church property. (Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:22-25, Mark 10:6-10, Ephesians 5:22-26)


Ceremony Content


The officiant is willing to use, in the ceremony, vows and statements of commitment as written or requested by the couple.  However, he will not use or allow any language that treats the woman like property based on archaic translations found in the Old Testament portion of the scriptures.




It is acceptable for another clergy member of the couple’s choosing to officiate the ceremony.

Any officiant reserves the right to decline to conduct the wedding if either the bride or groom appears to be under the influence or alcohol or any other substance at the time of the wedding ceremony.


There is no fee charged to active members of DTCC for the pastor’s service.

Non-members will pay a fee of $150.00


Signatures of Agreement


Bride’s signature                ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________             


Groom’s signature             _________________________________


Pastor’s signature              _________________________________


Officiant’s signature          _________________________________