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In the beginning of the sermon series based on the book of Psalms, I mentioned that biblegateway.com said the most searched book from the Bible is the book of Psalms.  I would imagine that the number one psalm read online would be Psalm 23.  Psalm 23 is often read at funerals because it brings comfort that God is with us, guiding and protecting.  When I read Psalm 23 at a funeral I apply it in two ways.  God is the good shepherd guiding home to haven the one who has died.  God is also the good shepherd who guides those who will walk through the shadows of grief for a season.  But I am not preaching on Psalm 23 this Sunday.  I am preaching from the psalm that appears before Psalm 23, Psalm 22.  Psalm 22 has imagery that reminds many of the crucifixion scene of Jesus.  John Wesley saw in Psalm 22 both the humiliation of Jesus and his ultimate exaltation.  I see in Psalm 22 a pattern and structure of how our faith and relationship to God works in life.  I see honesty about how to respond to God when it feels like our lives, our happiness is under attack and especially when we did nothing to provoke pain and resistance we are experiencing.  What psalm do you read before you’re in the mindset of Psalm 23, sensing the comfort of God?  What psalm can you read to a friend when they tell you God feels a million miles away, and that friend is a Christian that goes to church?  What psalm can you read when you feel like you’re losing you’re grip in coping with disappointment and you need help with perspective, so you can regain a grip?  I hope the message this Sunday can reveal how the psalm right before Psalm 23 can help you and anyone when life hurts.


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Pastor Gus

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