Pastor's Article

I need to confess that I told a lie, sort of in worship last Sunday. I said we were finished with using Matthew 14:22-33. Actually, we are going to use Matthew 14:22-23 this Sunday but we are not focusing on the portion of the story concerning Jesus walking to his disciples in the storm. We’re using the first two verses of that story to focus on Jesus and the example he sets for us. Since Labor Day has people thinking of the end of summer and one final weekend for rest and relaxation, I want to use this story about Jesus to encourage us to consider God’s command to be intentional about resting. Let me go ahead and give you the sermon title for this Sunday, Rest, Renew, Resume. Jesus modeled how he took time to unplug so he could stay charged. Rest needs to be relaxation that allows us to be renewed in both our physical bodies and our souls. One of the conference speakers from last week said their church requires all their church staff to take a one day silent-retreat once a quarter for resting and renewal. All staff do their retreat the same day; but not at the same place. The following day, staff gather and share what they believe they heard God say to them. The renewal process is an intentional way to make sure they resume serving from a sense of being refilled; instead of running on fumes. Most folks are good at resting, but of course there are some who struggle to take time for themselves. Some folks have a grasp on what renews them; but their renewal is mainly physical; but the emotional spiritual aspects of self are neglected. We know something is missing when after resting, we’re not ready to resume engaging the routines and responsibilities of life including our calling as disciples. This Sunday, we’ll look at some examples from the life of Jesus and other scripture, so we move into the Labor Day weekend with focus to rest, renew and resume living our lives for Him. It’s All about Him! Pastor Gus

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