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I want to share some excerpts from an article by pastor Geoff Surratt.  Pastor Surratt has served on staff of various churches including Rick Warren’s Saddleback Community Church.  I am sharing this article because his statements remind me of the need for focus when pursuing goals and dreams.  We need focus for our lives personally and as a church. Below are the first two statements I found helpful.  “Though Jesus had the opportunity, resources and ability to address many needs, he limited himself to a very narrow mission: “to seek and save the lost.” Everything he did pointed to that one very succinct task.” “Although he healed people, fed crowds and occasionally raised the dead, Jesus didn’t make any of those the focal point of his time on earth. He knew the more time he spent focusing on secondary issues, no matter how desperate or urgent, the less time he had for the main thing.”  Surratt’s two comments highlight that Jesus had the clarity to know what to say yes to and when to say no.   One word describes his power – discernment. His discernment was perfect; ours not so much. Surratt provides a biblical example how Jesus encouraged focus amongst his followers even at the dismay of others. “When Martha complained that her sister wasn’t doing enough, Jesus shared the power of a narrow vision: “You are anxious and troubled about many things Martha, but one thing is necessary.”  I think our down-fall at times isn’t that we’re not doing anything for the Lord; but were doing too many different things or going in different ministry directions.  One last statement from Pastor Surratt.   “The authors of The Four Disciplines of Execution call the trouble of many things “the whirlwind,” and the focus of the one necessary thing the “Wildly Important Goal.” Their premise is that most individuals and businesses (I’d add churches) spend so much time on the whirlwind (many things), they don’t have time for their Wildly Important Goal (one thing).”

Maybe you feel like you’re constantly stuck in a whirlwind of busyness.  Certainly, as we go forward with our ministry we have to watch so we don’t chase after the whirlwind of efforts to reach others to share Christ.  Continue to pray we will be in tune with God’s will and focused on what God desires so we can live as a family of faith, build one another up, and reach outeffectively to share God’s good news.  Consider whether your personal life needs sharper focus and some trimming of the clutter of busyness.  If you would like to read Pastor Surratt’s article in its entirety, go to and search for Why Didn’t Jesus Do More?

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