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This coming Sunday, Morgan Parks, associate minister at Collierville Christian will provide the morning message. Morgan recently told me his message is going to be about the restoration characteristics and qualities of the Disciples of Christ and how that is a strength for doing ministry today. I wish I could be there for the message. It sounds like to me, Morgan is going to remind us of our heritage of being a restorational church- movement, meaning we seek to be restored to the original intent and practices of the early church. For some, talk about going back to the original source of anything conjures up images of going backwards and wasting forward momentum. However, the very concept of being restored or experiencing restoration can mean returning to the source of truth and meaning so positive forward progress can be gained. I think Morgan’s restoration focus is spot on after reading an article entitled, 7 Reasons Most churches Are Not Reaching the Lost in Their Own Backyards, by Greg Stier. Here are his seven reasons:

They’ve lost their gospel urgency.
The leadership doesn’t model it.
Intercessory prayer is not a true value.
Evangelism training rarely happens if at all.
The Gospel is not relentlessly given.
The people in our churches don’t know their neighbors.
Evangelistic storytelling is not a part of the culture.

If any of these descriptions fit us, restoration is needed. It wouldn’t take long reading the first few chapters of an awesome book like Acts to find help with any of the characteristics from that list of seven. Especially a great passage like Acts 2:42-47 could help us recovery the truth and vision we need to recover from the 7 failures of most modern-day churches. Restoration is not going backwards; it’s returning to what is true to recover direction and relevancy. Or as one sermon title expressed it, Ancient Truth for a Modern World. Enjoy your time with Morgan and listen for him to share ancient truth from scripture to help us see who we are and where we need to be.

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