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Sunday afternoon we had a good turnout of people from our church to tour St. Elisabeth Episcopal Church. It is a beautiful facility and setting for a place to worship, prepare for doing ministry and spend time with others. Some of us were fortunate enough to see three or four deer walking along the creek that is part of the church’s property. It seems to me the conversations people were having were very thoughtful. Many folks were impressed with the beauty of the sanctuary and grounds on which the facility is located. There were also conversations about space and whether rooms in other parts of the facility, like the fellowship hall would be large enough. Still others took notice of the close proximity the church sits to subdivisions and Rivercrest Elementary. It was a good afternoon for being together and sharing in the excitement and a possible fresh start for our church.
Now comes the challenge to discern whether God is leading us to this place? Is this the location to call home and step out in faith to gather for worship, teach the faith and use as a launching pad to connect with the neighborhood? I would remind us of a line of thought we have all heard before. If we decide to take on a certain challenge because we know we can definitely be successful, then we probably haven’t taken on a big enough challenge. Any challenge we take on that we know we can handle means no faith is really required because there is nothing for God to do to reveal his presence. More than once I have heard great pastors like Rick Warren, Andy Stanley, and Mark Batterson say that real faith takes on a challenge so big that God must come through, or we will fail. Now is the time to up your prayer game. Bring in to your prayer time about this matter a variety of scriptures. Draw on a passage like Ephesians 3:20 which says, “Now to him who by the power at work within us is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine.” Also consider stories such as Acts 16:6-10 where God’s leading prevents the apostles from taking what might seem like an obvious trip to Asia to preach the gospel. It wasn’t much later after the Spirt said not yet on Asia, Paul experienced his call to go to Macedonia. What sometimes seems the obvious step to take to us, isn’t from God’s perspective. Isn’t it great to have something exciting to pray about and know we truly need to seek God’s leading. As we pray, pray more than just a about a place for us, pray about a mission to connect with new neighbors.

It’s all About Him

Pastor Gus

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