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This coming Sunday, we’ll wrap-up our sermon series on the book of Ephesians. Sunday’s focus will be on chapter six, verses ten through twenty. The passage I am addressing is often labeled, “The Whole Armor of God.” I don’t recall ever preaching on this very popular passage. To be honest, I think I have stayed away from it because so many sermons seem to take the symbolism in the text, like the “belt of truth and breastplate of righteousness” and use a lot of church-speak but never really offer deep meaning about those words. It’s one of those passages, where I have wanted to avoid the trap of using church jargon. However, since we’re preaching through the entire book of Ephesians, I’ll do my best to tackle this popular passage.
Lana Marler will be back to lead worship, and one song she has selected is entitled, “The Battle Belongs to the Lord.” It’s a great song and very true that the spiritual battles of life ultimately are decided by the sovereignty of God. However, Ephesians 6:10-20 has some guidance that reminds us although the battle ultimately belongs to the Lord, there are choices we need to make. One choice is to realize there is a battle happening. We’re not working on just our bad habits, or unfair experiences of life, there is a spiritual battle that impacts our souls. Another reality this passage lends itself to is knowing what armor is required to fight this battle. Every sport has its specific gear to compete. There are choices to make to be empowered by God to win the spiritual battles we face. Maybe one last very practical point can be to examine our selves and consider whether we are in the fight that Ephesians describes. Paul told them to put on all of the armor because he assumed, they would be in the battle somehow, serving, taking a stand, and meeting resistance to the good news of Jesus being shared. What football player bothers to get suited up in their uniform; but never desires to get to play? Have a great time of thanksgiving with family and friends and we’ll see you Sunday.

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