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Have you been noticing news and commercials connected to “A.I.” or artificial intelligence? A.I. is defined as a branch of computer science where computers can simulate human intelligence. A.I. also includes the ability of computers to help machines improve their own performance without human involvement. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Author, Bernard Marr writes on the progress science is making in the world of artificial intelligence or “AI.” Marr writes how companies like IBM have developed their computer named, Watson to work in various professional settings. In culinary circles, a Watson type computer has been fed information by chefs that has led to the development of new flavors for food recipes. In the world of art, Watson was been given hundreds of images and in return the computer has provided inspirational ideas back to sculptors to use for projects. The music industry is beginning to use artificial intelligence in a similar way to create musical arrangements. For some people this might seem like science-fiction becoming reality. The question and fear might be that computers can learn on their own and could take over the world. I wonder what would type of political answers a computer like Watson might generate if both parties in Washington put their opinions into one single computer? Some will see a parallel between A.I. and stories in the Bible such as found in Genesis eleven, the Tower of Babel. The Bible says there was one language and according to verse four, the people came together to build a tower that could reach to the heavens, so they could make a name for themselves. The Tower of Babel story is often used to warn against human pride that gets too smart for its britches and ignores God. Is there potential and danger for AI to do the same? Although I am sure if you read about the impact of AI in the world of medicine, some might claim it is a God thing for us to be blessed with the knowledge to find cures for diseases.
I see some common ground between how A.I. works as I understand it and how God works in our lives. Computers are a source of intelligence beyond us that can provide answers we cannot achieve on our own. As Bernard Marr points out, “When humans and A.I. work together so much more can be accomplished.” (27 Example of AI, Bernard Marr, May 8, 2018) God can accomplish his will in us as he feeds us his wisdom and power. We continue in our sermon series, Matters of the Mind this week including passages from the first two chapters of 1 Corinthians. Paul gives instruction to the church. In those first two chapters, Paul says things like, “Christ will strengthen you to the end…1:8, …for the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God…1:18, …so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom but the power of God…2:4.” Paul is advocating for us to seek H.I. or holy intelligence. The key is to seek God to feed our thinking, receive into our hearts/mind godly direction, so that we live not on our own wisdom but wisdom that is beyond us from our heavenly Father who loves us better than we can love ourselves. See you Sunday.

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Pastor Gus

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