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Last week, the local newspaper in Milan, The Milan Mirror reported a local fisherman by the name of Leo Payne caught a 47-pound Catfish at Gibson County Lake, located just outside of Milan. Mr. Payne said he first thought his hook was hung on a log until he saw the fish briefly come to the surface. Twenty minutes of reeling, tugging and pulling by Mr. Payne landed him a giant Catfish. I was surprised to hear in the middle of January you could catch catfish. Trout sure, but Catfish? This coming Sunday we’ll dive into (couldn’t resist) another fish story from the fifth chapter of the book of Luke. In one sense; it is a story about the surprise catch of fish Peter experienced because Jesus was involved. But it is a story with several meanings. The miraculous catch of fish can be seen as a story of obedience because Peter obeyed the authority of Jesus to throw out the nets one more time. The catch of fish was bigger news than a forty-seven-pound Catfish. It’s a story that for some contains the theme about seeing Jesus in a new way. Early on in the story, Peter refers to Jesus as “master,” however, after the catch of fish, Peter calls Jesus “Lord.” What was the reason for the change in how Peter addressed Jesus? After the miraculous catch of fish, we find some words we often hear in other places of the Bible when God shows up big. Jesus said to Peter, “do not be afraid.” Sometimes we are afraid God won’t show up, but what’s the purpose in being told to not be afraid when the power of God is present? The story ends with Luke telling us that Jesus called Peter to follow him and the Bible says, they “left everything and followed.” There is no doubt that as we strive to follow Jesus we have to leave behind or let go of a variety of things. Perhaps this story can help us identify what we need to leave behind to follow; but we know in the end it will be worth it because we follow Christ. We’ll see you in worship this Sunday as we unpack the meaning of one of the most famous fish stories in the Bible.

See you Sunday.

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Pastor Gus

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