Pastor's Article

Pastor’s Article
February 19, 2019

March 3rd will be an exciting day for our congregation because that will be our first Sunday to worship in our new facility. We had to wait a while before a definite closing date could be set. Therefore, it was impossible to plan very far in advance for our first Sunday worship. A formal dedication service will take place after the audio/video renovations have taken place and we have become acclimated to the facility. We’ll keep you posted so you can plan to attend and bring friends for that special occasion. What also excites me about March 3rd is the passage that appears in the lectionary to use for that Sunday. The passage is Luke 9:28-36, The Transfiguration story. Here is a story where Jesus took his inner core of disciples up on the mountain to pray. Before the very eyes of Peter, James and John, Jesus appears to them in radiant white brilliance. Moses and Elijah appear. The moment was a total mind-blower for the disciples. New Testament scholars refer to this as a theophany – a special revealing of the presence of God. The scene is a moment of power and even victory for the disciples because they were privileged to see the movement of God. It was for the disciples a spiritual high point. Who could blame them if they wanted to stay put on the mountain and celebrate what they had experienced? In some ways it is a story that can be difficult to get our heads around for application to our lives. Then verse 35 enters the picture as we have in our minds eye of what that moment must have been like. “Then from the cloud came a voice that said, “This is my Son, my Chosen, listen to him.” All of the spectacular sights and sounds for one singular purpose – to listen to Jesus. Listening implies obedience. What a great passage to share on our first Sunday in a permanent home. The new facility is more than some of us ever imagined. Most of us had in mind one way or another a building requiring remodeling of some sort. We are moving into a place that is attractive, has an attractive setting and ready to use. We give God thanks and believe this has been provided for a purpose. I don’t think Moses and Elijah will show up on March 3rd, but I do believe in that moment, God will be speaking to us to listen to him. We will sit in virtually a new facility and celebrate but we’ll use that Sunday to listen for what is next for us. It will be exciting to see what unfolds in the days ahead. I hope you can be with us on the 3rd to exhale from the stress we have been under and celebrate a new chapter of our ministry.

See you Sunday.

It’s all About Him

Pastor Gus

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