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I have heard good stories since serving here about past pastors including interim pastor, Jack Seville.  Shout-out to Pastor Jack and his wife Fanny if you’re reading this newsletter.  Thom Eckles recently told me about something impressive that happened while Jack was presiding over worship.  The congregation finished singing a song, but one woman continued to sing because she had hearing difficulties and was running behind everyone else.  I think the song might have been the Doxology or the Gloria Patri, but nevertheless, she continued to sing.  Pastor Jack acted quickly and kept singing along with her until they finished the final stanza of the song together so there would be no risk of the elderly lady being embarrassed.  Thom said it was one of the coolest things he ever saw.  Our lives take many twist and turns.  We fail to hear the leading of God and sometimes we choose to not listen to the leading of God in our lives. Sometimes people give up on us or we give up on others.  However, all of us for various reasons about different issues are running behind to where God would have us to be.  The good news is the love of God comes along side of us to help us.  God will not quit on us when everyone else has.


    This coming Sunday a new sermon series will begin with a focus on kings from the Old Testament.  In this sermon series we will not include stories of the well-known kings like Saul, David, or Solomon.  We will look at stories of lesser known kings because I hope their stories broaden our literacy of the scriptures.  The first king we’ll look at is Manasseh.  His story begins in 2 Chronicles 33.  Manasseh was a bad-boy of the entire Old Testament including the kings.  Manasseh was so evil he made King Ahab look pretty good.  But God didn’t quit or give up even on someone like Manasseh.  It could be said; Manasseh’s story is like the Prodigal Son story but in the Old Testament.  My hope is to use the stories of these kings and see how their stories are our stories.  Most of all we want to see how God worked in their life can be similar to how he works in ours.  Come to worship and hear about God’s work with Manasseh to give you hope and comfort.  Perhaps principles from Manasseh’s story can help you assure someone else that God has not quit on them.  Others might be silent and aloof, but God is for us.


It’s All about Him


Pastor Gus

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