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Recently I did some mopping at our house before our grand-daughter, Rosie came for a visit.  Rosie is in the crawling-stage, so I wanted to make sure the floors were clean for her.  I went outside under the carport where I had left a mop since we moved back to Milan in October and grabbed that mop to do my cleaning.  I shook the mop good to get out the dust, but when I did several acorns fell out of the mop because mice had been hiding their stash of acorns in the mop.  I think I shared in a recent sermon how I found acorns in my work-boots a few weeks ago.  We haven’t seen the mice in a while since putting out poison and traps; but the evidence of their presence continues to show-up in surprising places.        I think we experience something similar on a spiritual level.  We can hide, sometimes very deeply within our minds aspects of ourselves that need cleansing, healing, teaching and in some cases complete removal.  All of us to some degree can be like mice hiding from God and others, aspects of ourselves.  We hide our false pride behind a sureness our opinions are correct.  We hide prejudices behind a tight control of our tongue when in certain company of people.  Fears and worries are covered by smiles and laughter to give everyone the impression we’re okay.  Mice aren’t the only ones capable of stashing things away.      The only reason why I found this recent stash of acorns was I shook the mop.  I gave it a good shake and out started dropping acorns.  Lent is a season for doing some shaking of our assumptions and convictions so

that we allow ourselves to see what the work of the Holy Spirit needs to address in our hearts.  This week the message will come from Psalm thirty-two.  It is an intense psalm that provides the image of one who has been shaken and awakened by God’s presence to bring the deep joy and happiness only God can provide.  The psalmist is like all of us, he had hid from God and hid things from God, but finally surrenders through confession about his hiding.  God uses our confession to shake-up our souls and when we do; God does not disappoint.  His hope and spiritual healing are provided. 


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Pastor Gus

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