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Recently while reading articles at Churchleaders.com I saw the title of an article that read, "No More One Night Stands." The picture that accompanied the titles looked like people at a dance club. As I read the article it turned out to not be on sexual purity; but on encouraging congregations to think about having a next step for people when we have a special service or gathering. The article pointed out that too often churches have a special service, maybe a guest speaker on a certain topic like finances or marriage. People get fired up for that one service but there are no clear steps for what a person should do next once the service is over.

It is a fitting article for church leaders to consider with Easter just three weeks away. Easter Sunday will make claims that the raising of Jesus from the dead means the power of God can both transform our lives now and when our days on earth are finished. The person who is new to the faith or uncertain about God could be encouraged on Easter Sunday, but what do they do next to move closer to God or come to resolving their questions? I would add the next step doesnt have to be specific answers for their specific questions. The next step could be an opportunity to spend more time with Christians and others who are seeking God. Sometimes the follow-up ministries do not have to be deeply spiritual like a study on the end-times or controversial topic. Sometimes what ministers to people is when churches offer help that meets an important and practical need. We are going to have a three week Thursday evening event on practical aspects of physical health. There are three guest speakers lined up at this time, one for each evening. Well kick off the event with a nutritionist on April 25th, a medical doctor on May 2nd. and a pharmacist on May 9th. How we take care of our physical health and bodies has connection to our relationship to God and teaching from the Bible. Some people do not eat or over-eat due to stress and worry which has implications about their trust in God. We seek Gods blessings on our food and pray for good health, but sometimes we consume and bless food that negates our prayers. Physical health and well-being have spiritual implications. The hope is that providing this short-term practical ministry with three guest speakers can do at least two things. One, it can give people the next step of information to take-care of themselves. Two, this can be a bridge event for especially guests on Easter Sunday to get to know more about our church. It can be a next step for someone trying to discern where their spiritual home needs to be and where they could have an opportunity to serve and grow in their relationship with God. More information will be coming about this health ministry event; but for now be thinking about how you might use this event to offer a next step to someone you know.

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