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This coming Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week.  One of the Bible passages read for this Sunday can be Mark 11.  It contains the account of the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  Mark’s account has a unique difference from Matthew and Luke.  Matthew and Luke tell us that after the triumphant entry was completed, Jesus proceeded to enter the Temple and run out the money-changers.  Mark’s account is similar but slightly different.  Mark says, “Then he entered Jerusalem and went into the temple; and when he looked around at everything as it was already late, he went to Bethany with the twelve.” Mark 11:11 Mark then details how on the following day Jesus would return to the temple and run out the money changers; but there is a pause of time before he does so.    What I like about Mark’s account is there seems to be a very careful moment taken by Jesus.  The celebration of his popularity among many didn’t prevent him from taking stock of how things were amongst the people of God.  Mark said Jesus “looked around at everything…”  Has this season of Lent been a time we have used well to look, look at everything within our lives to consider if it is pleasing to God?  Have we looked at everything to see how we might be missing out on the presence of God?  We can be like the crowds cheering Jesus but fail to imitate the one we cheer and humbly examine even the uncomfortable aspects of who we are to consider whether they are working with God or getting in His way.        This Sunday we’ll preach from both Mark and Luke of the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  When we get to the part of the story where Jesus drives out the moneychangers, and hopefully we avoid seeing ourselves only on the side of Jesus cheering him on; but ask how could we be like the money-changers, and misuse the sacred God blesses us with only for ourselves?  Insight such as this has to be bold, intentional and we have to be like Jesus, willing to look at everything.  
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   Pastor Gus 

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