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Recently I signed up to receive good news stories through my email. I am sure you would agree we are exhausted of so much bad news. Here are brief snippets from two stories I have received this past week. An Atlanta, Georgia mail carrier named Floyd Martin retired after 35 years of service. Three hundred residents along his route surprised him with gifts of appreciation, decorations of thank you on their mailboxes and well wishes. That’s cool. Second story is about Becca Bundy’s daughter who began to experience a seizure. Bill Cox was sent by the fire department to help care for the girl until a paramedic could get there. Two years later Bill was tending bar with a T-shirt on that read, “I am in end stage kidney failure – and in need of a kidney.” Becca recognized Bill. They talked and later she became a match to donate her kidney to Bill. Stories like that help break-up the stream of bad news. Stories like these are reasons to be upbeat and celebrate because they are stories about the light of love and hope that breaks through the darkness of bad news. Sunday, June 9 is Pentecost Sunday. It is not just a good news story; it is the greatest of news stories. Pentecost Sunday remembers that while eleven of Jesus disciples and handful of other Jesus followers were obediently meeting together for prayer like Jesus had instructed them, the power of the Holy Spirit fell upon them and filled them with power. Acts chapter two is the place to read about this great news - feel good story. We’re going to have a double-dipper of celebration on Pentecost Sunday. We celebrate the beginning of the church, the Jesus movement. We celebrate that our mighty God doesn’t pay attention to the odds and public opinion against him; God pays attention to people who dare to trust him enough to open their hearts so we can receive what only God can give. The second thing we’ll celebrate is the dedication of our new spiritual home. Let’s face it, in some ways the odds have been and are against us. the days ahead of where we have been over this past year and how is God calling you to play a part of where he might lead us in the future. We have an athan what was in the upper room) attending worship; but we are trusting with hearts open for God to move in us and use us to share Jesus Christ. Make plans to be here next Sunday. If guests are coming to visit you; bring them with you. If the grass needs cutting, just remember, the grass you always have with you! Do some reflection in the days ahead about where we have been over this past year and how is God calling you to play a part of where he might lead us in the future. Wear red if you can and come celebrate some great news. It’s all about Him! Pastor Gusging congregation, small in number (but more 

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