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 Recently I was having a conversation with a person at the recreational center.  They made a statement that prompted a look of surprise on my face.  When they saw my reaction, they gave me a slight grin and said, “I am just keeping it real.” Keeping it real means a person is being transparent, genuine and doing their best not to offer any misleading information in the message they are trying to convey.  The New Testament book of Galatians is a short book written by the Apostle Paul. Galatians is just five chapters in length.  Paul in this book, confronts, with a provocative question, a false teaching.  The false teaching was misleading people about an unnecessary requirement needed in order to be saved or have a right relationship with God.  Paul asked the church he was writing, “who bewitched you? (3:1) Paul was just keeping it real about how shocked he was to learn Christians were following this false teaching.  However, in those five short chapters, Paul also writes how the church can go about keeping their relationship with God real and genuine.  Paul wrote about the need to keep their dependency on Christ for salvation, watchfulness about the little things that can mislead, and that no one goes it alone as they live for Christ.                                                             Now that we are in the season of Pentecost, the season of focusing on God’s activity in the church, it’s a great time to read the writings of Paul about keeping it real.  Perhaps we’ll sense ways we have been adding some extra expectations to our relationship with God that are unnecessary.  Perhaps Paul’s words will help us to see some little influences we are tolerating and procrastinating that are unhealthy for our faith.  Maybe we’ll see with fresh vision, how we can help those around us to be strengthened in their relationship with God or receive such from others.   Checkout Paul’s words in Galatians, join us in worship and see if you’re keeping it real! 
It’s all about Him! 
Pastor Gus

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