Pastor's Article

Sunday our congregation voted to choose Trinity Christian Church for our new name. As one person said, “This name honors the past, but also turns us toward the future.” I want to thank everyone for the process in which we have dealt with this issue. Changing the name is emotional in many ways. It is emotional for so many who are connected with memories of the church from its days on Decatur Street. There is a certain amount of grieving that goes with dropping the name Decatur from our name. There are also emotions of excitement as we adopt a new name. I hope we can think of Sunday’s decision as moving day for our congregation. Now that we have a new name, we’ll get moving on some goals we have been waiting to tackle. We’ll get moving with obtaining a new sign that tells the community who we are. We’ll get moving working with our marketing firm to obtain new brochures and other literature that we can use to communicate, including to give out on Sunday mornings when we have visitors. We’ll also get moving planning some time to walk the subdivisions near our church and introduce ourselves to our neighbors and give out brochures with our new name and logo on it, so get your Dr. Scholl’s ready. However; really what hasn’t changed is the calling we have no matter what our congregational name and that is to live in such a way we are sharing the good news about the name of Jesus. What hasn’t changed is the purpose for us to be like Jesus described in the Sermon on the Mount and let the light of God shine through us. Arriving at a name is just the beginning as we seek to engage the community around us and share the truth and love we have experienced in Jesus. May you be blessed this week to invite someone to worship or Sunday school class and when they ask where you attend, now you can say, Trinity Christian Church. It’s all about Him! Pastor Gus

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