Pastor's Article

Dr. Gaines Huey was a member of the Walton Christian Church in Walton, Kentucky where I served for over seven years.  Gaines held every job in the church you could hold.  He was an elder, and chair of the elders, board chair, and adult Sunday school teacher.  One of the funniest stories Gaines shared with me was a moment that gave him great humility.  Gaines was a retired dentist, well respected in the community and the church, so to have him tell this story, laughing as he shared was special.  Gaines chose the topic of the Holy Trinity to teach to his junior high boy’s class.  He said he began to try and explain how God the Father; the Son and the Holy Spirit are uniquely separate; but yet one.  He tried to use the analogy of H2O, a three-leaf clover and who knows what else to explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity to the kids.  Gaines was laughing as he concluded sharing his story with me by saying, “Gus by the time the class was over I was as confused as the boys about the reality of the Holy Trinity.”

     We have chosen a name that is powerful and purposeful in meaning.  However, if we were to be asked, why the name of Trinity Christian, what would you say?  Our reasons might be perfectly understandable to us.  We might try and explain how the Trinity references the architecture of the original church at Altruria.  There might be other reasons that would make perfect sense to us but what about the outsider; the non-believer?  I think we have chosen a name that is deep with meaning.  We have chosen a name that perhaps the more we understand the Holy Trinity and especially the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, the more we’ll see how God is seeking to revitalize our ministry and mission in this community.  I look forward to offering a sermon series on the Holy Trinity when I return from vacation.  Pray for me that I have the humility of Dr. Huey if I begin to struggle in my explanations and laugh along with me.  I encourage you to read about the Trinity and pray God uses a deeper understanding of it to revitalize our congregation.




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