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When our son Daniel started attending kindergarten for half of a day, the mornings around the house were eerily quiet. It took some time to adjust to him being away for the morning. I can only speak for myself, but the atmosphere around the church is going to be different without the YMCA summer campers here. It has been fun to see them parade through hallway skipping from one activity to the next. They often wave at us as they pass by our office door windows. It has been rewarding to host the kids and the YMCA staff led by Ms. T have been a pleasure to work with as well. Summer may be winding down but our efforts to love and serve kids in community do not need to end. We have two elementary schools within a mile of our facility, Rivercrest and Bartlett Elementary. I want to encourage everyone, men and women to consider contacting either school about volunteer opportunities. If you’re still working, perhaps check with your employer to see if they would allow you time away to serve in the community. I hope we build on the momentum of hosting the Y-Camp and go out into our community to seek ways to be a loving, positive, and practical influence. Just remember, a phrase you will find especially in Luke’s gospel is the phrase “and as they were going.” Meaning, as Jesus and his followers were traveling that was when his ministry unfolded in the form of teaching, healing and serving. Last of all I want to update you on where we stand with doing marketing in the community and as many people are wondering, “when are we going to get a sign in front of the church?” Rocketfuel Marketing will be meeting with us no later than next week to discuss matters that will have an impact on how we reach into the community with our new name and images for paper-based mailings, internet marketing and the development of our new website. Now that we have worked out a question that came up with the state government offices about our name, we’ll be moving forward as quick as possible to obtain signage for the front property of the church and stronger outreach efforts into the community. Once we have our new brochures and other marketing material, we look forward to selecting a strategic time to go door to door in the neighborhood and introduce

Hopefully these plans are coming together at the right time as vacations are winding down, people are getting back into normal routines and the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are nearing. Ecclesiastes 3:1 is the great passage that says, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Pray that as some hurdles have been cleared as we get established in this new location, we are entering a time to do what we came here to do in sharing Christ with our community, and begin to see evidence of God moving in us as we seek to live for him together.

It’s all about Him!

Pastor Gus

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