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I recently read a story about a CEO who was ready to step down from leading his company.  He called a special meeting of corporate leaders who had the potential to succeed him.  It was a bit strange, but after he informed them he was stepping down in a year, he gave them each one seed to plant.  He told them to plant the seed and come back in one year to learn who he had chosen as his successor and bring their plant that had grown from the seed they were given.  One man who had been given a seed tried and tried to get his seed to grow but nothing resulted.  He was frustrated and embarrassed that his seed didn’t produce a plant.  As the date for the yearly meeting was nearing he told his wife he wasn’t going to attend because he had failed at growing a plant from the seed.  She encouraged him to attend and be honest that he did his best but had no plant to share.  He attended with a small pot filled with a decaying seed buried in the dirt.  His coworkers attended the meeting and all of them were showing off the plants they had grown.  Some of his coworkers were sympathetic toward his failure some made fun of him.  The retiring CEO entered the meeting room and began to take notice of the variety of plants his staff had grown.  He then noticed the man with a pot filled with dirt.  The CEO then announced it was time to reveal his successor.  He called forward the man with the pot of dirt and announced he would become the new CEO of the company.  Mouths of co-workers dropped open because this man came to the meeting without a plant and only a barren flower pot.  The CEO then disclosed that everyone had been given seeds that had been boiled and incapable of producing any type of plant.  The only person in the room worthy to be his successor was the one who had been truthful and demonstrated integrity - the man with the pot of dirt. 


This week the sermon will focus on King Asa.  You can read about him in 1 Kings 15 and chapters 14-16 of 2 Chronicles.  We’ll use his story to see how Asa demonstrated integrity before God.  We’ll use Asa’s story to remind ourselves integrity is the fruit of qualities like humility and without such, integrity can be eroded quickly from our lives.  Join us for worship as we examine the story of another lesser known personality of the Bible to see how integrity stands out and reflects God at work in us.


Pastor Gus

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