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We will begin a new sermon series on August 25th addressing the reality of death, grief, and healing from the loss of a loved one. I know on one hand this doesn’t fall into the “excitement” category of sermon topics. Yet most of us have heard the old line that the mortality rate in our country is still a 100 percent.” As Christians, we from time to time need to revisit what the Bible teaches about death, dying and living on following the death of a loved one. I plan to conduct the sermon series in three sermons. First, we’ll deal with the hope we have about eternal life. I heard a gospel song once that was entitled, “The Best is Yet to Come.” In reality, that is what death ultimately does for us, it is used by God to bring us fully into the presence of God and all the joy and beauty the next life holds. The second message will deal with the hurt or pain of death. Death is a crushing experience to go through; but I’ve seen, second-hand how those facing their personal mortality have faced it with strength and hope. We’ll look at biblical stories and stories from people about the truth we need to remember as we think and confront the reality of death. Third, we’ll focus on the healing, meaning as we survive the death of a loved one. We’ll consider scripture and principles that can give us the perspective to cope and grieve well.
I hope this sermon series ministers to us and can strengthen what we can do or say for others facing the reality of the end of life or coping with the loss of a loved one. Here are the dates for each topic.
August 25th The Hope – Looking Forward to the Eternal Reward.
September 1st The Hurt – Confronting the Anguish
September 8th The Healing – The Strength to Press On
Let me close with inviting anyone to email me or visit with me if you have a personal story you would like to offer me to use in my sermons. I would love to draw from the lives of people in our congregation, so the messages are from us!

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