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Carol Key is a member of our church and also assists with office responsibilities.  She has told me on multiple occasions how annoyed she gets about the phone calls and mail from a car warranty company.  The warranty company keeps hounding Carol to take out an extended warranty on her car.  They keep sending her invitations to provide her with the protection she needs in case her car needs mechanical repairs.  Despite her multiple efforts to decline the offers, the invitations keep coming to her.  We receive a variety of invitations and not all invitations are desirable.  However, what if the invitation is coming from God?  What if God seems to be inviting us to be a part of something that seems too big for us to handle? The crucial question is what do we do when God is the one doing the inviting?  How will we know when and if it is God inviting us in some way?  What type of experience would God invite us to be a part of experiencing?  Here is the biggy question we all ask from time to time.  What if God invites me to do something or be a part of something and I want to decline?  We are in a season of the church year when we’ll ask people to serve in various roles of the church, should we see that invitation to serve as coming from God?  This coming Sunday we are covering the third principle regarding experiencing God.  Here is a key verse from Exodus 7:10 to consider as God is speaking to Moses.  “So come, I will send you to Pharaoh to bring my people, the Israelites out of Egypt.” Moses would rather sign up to spend money for an extended warranty on his chariot then say yes to this invitation from God.  Sunday we’ll consider God’s invitation to Moses and how his story applies to us. We’ll use God’s invite to Moses to help us consider how we have and need to respond to our times when God’s invitation comes to us.  See you Sunday.


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