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Recently the World Cup soccer championship concluded in Russia. France was the big winner.  I don’t understand how soccer is played. I don’t recall soccer being mentioned much when I was in high school or college.  Soccer has grown somewhat in popularity in our country over the past decade.  What I have under-appreciated was how popular soccer is around the world.  I knew soccer is an international sport, but recent data on television viewership reveals how wrong my perspective has been about soccer’s popularity.  I learned that the average number of people that tuned into to watch the World Cup matches is estimated to be 3.2 billion people.  Compare number of viewers to the number of people who tune into watch my favorite sport, football and the Super Bowl.  Average television viewers of the Super Bowl are 103 million people.  I guess because I love to watch the Super Bowl (and the commercials) I thought the viewer ratings would be closer.  The World Cup far exceeds the Super Bowl in television viewership and my understanding and perspective about the dominance of football has been shattered.

    All of us need help from time to time seeing reality, and not just how we believe it to be. Like my passion for football biased my discernment and perspective, the same can happen about the important matters of life including our beliefs about God.  This Sunday the sermon will be on another no-name royal from the Old Testament and his name is King Ahaziah.  You can read about him in 1Kings 22:51 through 2 Kings 1.  We’ll use his story to define discernment, consider what limits discernment, what enhances it and what confirms our discernment.  See you Sunday.


Pastor Gus


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