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This coming Sunday I am going to show a video clip during my message that one of our members sent to me. The video is about a well-known sports celebrity who shares about the instructions God gave to him. His sharing of how God speaks to him seems so easy and effortless. God’s talking to us can generate interesting and intense discussion and debate. Some folks will describe their conversations with God happen as casually as they converse with a friend. Still others will say that even though they believe in God, strive to do God’s will in their life; their communicating with God is a struggle.
Tanya Luhrmann is an anthropologist at Stanford University. She has written a book, When God Talks Back. I watched a presentation by her about some of her research findings. Her study seems respectful of how some Christians communicate with God. Her conclusion seems to indicate that the experiences Christians have in hearing God is dependent on their training to hear God. I think there is some merit in those comments, but her words fall short of something. Her words  fall short of affirming the reality of God speaking to us independent of what we bring to the communication process and experience.
I stir the pot on this topic to prepare us to come to worship this Sunday to hopefully hear with a freshness about how we can sense God is speaking to us. The goal of the message this Sunday will be to offer encouragement to help us both know when God is speaking and how we can respond. This coming Sunday we consider reality number four based on the life of Moses, “God speaks.” I have had moments when I believe I have understood God speaking to my heart and there was no doubt it was from God. I have also had frustrating moments when it seemed like I could not get a read on God’s leading even though I desired it and prayed for it. See you this Sunday as we continue using the life of Moses to grasp in deeper ways how God speaks.

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