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It was over a year and half ago that we decided to make a move in our worship life with using only canned music until we searched for a new keyboardist.  We had posted job description advertisements at various places including the music department at the University of Memphis.  We were doing okay in our worship services as far as our music.  Having different members leading the singing using downloaded music had its lighter side.  We were learning not to take ourselves too seriously but do our best to worship God.  I saw it as a time when we pulled together as a congregation to support whoever was leading the singing and we had a sense of joy as we worshipped.  Then out of the blue Robert Totten reached out to us and we were blown away by his talent.  Looking back, if we had not used the canned music, we could have missed out on having Robert serve with us.  We trusted we would see how God might move and provide and God came through.  Then, just a couple of months later we were contacted by Lana Marler and our worship music has grown in its musical content.  Robert’s leaving falls on the same Sunday we’ll consider a principle about experiencing God that requires a crisis of faith.  Crisis of faith is that time of decision to decide whether or not we’ll make our adjustments to the invitation God gives us to join Him in His work.  Going to canned music while we were searching for a new worship leader and keyboardist was awkward and uncomfortable and the action of adjustment so that we could offer our best to God.

     Sunday will be Robert’s final Sunday to play in our worship service before he leaves to enlist in the United States Navy with future plans to be in the Navy Band.  Harry Davies who is a member of our church also served in a military band (perhaps the Navy), and I believe it was Harry who told me this is a great accomplishment for Robert.  At the conclusion of worship, there will be a time to recognize Robert’s service to us.  You are invited to be a part of a card shower for Robert with any well wishes and or gifts you might like to offer him.  Also, a light meal will follow worship, so we have a chance to personally wish Robert well and appreciate his contribution in the story of our church’s pursuit to renew our ministry.


It’s All About Him—Pastor Gus


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