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Pastor Kyle Idelmann has written a book entitled, Don’t Give Up. His book is based on the great chapter about faith found in the eleventh chapter of the book of Hebrews. Idelmann tells a story in his book that is difficult for me to embrace. A woman is in labor preparing to give birth to her first child. She and her husband are surrounded by a few family members and close friends. Problems with the labor process arise. A quick test is done, and the doctor delivers the sad news the baby will be still born. The baby was delivered life-less. Family and friends gathered around the heartbroken parents. Pastor Idelmann said when he arrived the mother was being comforted by family members. He prayed with her and then was directed to a separate room where the father was sitting in a rocking chair, having some time alone to hold his baby. The father said with tears streaming down his face, “I guess we’ll find out what I really believe.” After spending time with the father, Pastor Kyle prepared to leave. He stepped out into the hallway and heard singing. The singing started soft and then grew in strength. The family and friends of the grieving couple were singing, How Great is Our God.
Who sings at a time like that? Who is able to sing when the anticipation for a new life to be born, results in death? How is it possible in such a moment to sing? Are people like that out of touch with reality or hyper religious? I don’t think if I was the grandparent or friend gathered there, I would be singing; but they did. They sang because they believed that precious child who had so many people waiting to love it, was now in the arms of the greatest love of all, the love of God. If you believe that, a person in that moment might sing. Faith that believes God will have the victory over every heartbreak, could sing. A.W. Tozer once said, “You can see God from anywhere if your heart is set to love and obey him.” (The Pursuit of God, p.86.) When we keep our eyes on God, we are able to adjust our lives and pursue God regardless of our circumstances. Sunday, we’ll consider how being faithful means making faith decisions that demonstrate we are adapting to His will being done; instead of our own will. Tender hearts toward God are more than just receptive to hearing His truth. Tender hearts will be what Dr. Blackaby describes as “moldable” for God and adjust and adapt in order to follow God’s leading. Who knows in what situations we might find ourselves able to give God praise and do His will?

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