Pastor's Article

“We are a caring and serving church for changing times.” By now most of us are recognizing those words as our church’s vision statement. Let me remind you of two key opportunities coming up for demonstrating our caring and service to others. First, please support with your prayers and actions the blood drive on December 22nd. The need for blood never stops even when we stop for the holidays. Let me share with you what I plan to do that might apply to those who cannot personally donate blood. I am going to go through the contact list on my cell phone and invite people to pledge. I am going to let them know they can contact the church in advance of the blood-drive, and we can schedule them in advance, so their waiting time is minimal. I am going to ask them to refer others so we can have a successful blood drive. Last week I met with leaders from Vitalant Blood Services. They informed me that proportionately speaking, smaller churches out-give larger churches in blood donations. The reason smaller churches give more is the relationships that exist to recruit donors. We can be caring by using our relationships for this worthy cause. Second, I learned Sunday before worship we’re in need of people to serve on the Meals on Wheels ministry. Making sure that senior age adults and adults with disabilities, most who live alone have nutritious meals is a noble ministry. Those who deliver meals will tell you, the reward of serving through the opportunity to interact with the recipients of these meals, exceeds the time and effort required. We are in the season when we especially tune into the news that God became flesh so he could rescue us from our sins. We have opportunities to put the love of God in us in the flesh again by being blood donors and delivering meals. Please consider how you can play a role. “My speech and my proclamation were not with plausible words of wisdom, but with a demonstration of the Spirit and of power…” 1 Corinthians 2:4 It’s All About Him Pastor Gus

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