Pastor's Article

This past week a group of people have helped to walk door to door in our community. We delivered flyers inside a plastic bag that hangs on front doors. Two hundred and fifty flyers were printed, and two hundred and fifty flyers were hung on doors in our neighborhood. Most of the circulation work was done in the Raven Crest subdivision across the street from the church. The flyers had information about our church and upcoming events like the blood donation drive 12/22 and our 6:30 PM candlelight Christmas Eve service. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people we found home during the weekday when I delivered with Judy Redus. There was also a good number of people home when delivering flyers on Sunday afternoon. What was also encouraging was the openness to receive a flyer as I informed folks, the purpose in our visit was to hand out information because we’re their new neighbor at the corner of Old Brownsville and Billy Maher. I enjoyed walking in the neighborhood of our church when the weather was nice and coming face to face with our neighbors. I enjoyed it because it felt right to seek to connect with people on a personal basis. It felt an honor to know we were walking our neighborhood in the hopes we could share some information that ultimately was about Jesus; not us. I don’t intend to come across overly dramatic, but the action we took seemed consistent with the Christmas story, the good news of God coming in flesh and blood. We don’t know what impact these flyers will have and whether we’ll see people visit as a result of this effort. I have said in the past that “door to door” approach is not the most effective. Google people like George Barna and Thom Rainer to check me on this and you’ll learn the methods they also think are most effective. I did receive a phone call from one person following the first day some of us hung flyers and the person who received a flyer is coming by Tuesday for a cup of coffee. However, the hanging of the flyers was an attempt to make that personal connection as we are reminded God has reached out to the world. Galatians 4:4 states, “But when the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son, born of a woman...” I hope the remainder of the Christmas holiday season gives all of us the time and opportunity to make a personal connection to share the love of Christ and be the love of Christ in some way, including bringing a friend to church, maybe our candlelight service. It’s All About Him Pastor Gus

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