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I am so thankful for the way the year ended for our congregation. The facility was beautifully decorated for Christmas and helped set the atmosphere to worship and celebrate the birth of Jesus. We also were able in a season of giving to live-out our new vision statement which is “We are a caring and serving church for changing times.” We demonstrated our caring with collecting can-goods to be donated at a food pantry. We had fourteen people who registered to donate blood and six people were able to donate. Having eight people declined is a bummer, but listen to this, from the six who could donate, their donation would impact eighteen people. We were able to touch eighteen lives with crucial resources they need for health because we are sincere when we say we are a caring and serving church.
My prayer is a new year will lead to new opportunities to follow God who makes all things new. Even in our circumstances where we might not be able to change the situation, God can give our hearts new understanding and hope to confront our circumstances. For the remainder of January, the messages will be based on Old Testament passages from Deuteronomy and Joshua. Deuteronomy and Joshua contain the stories when God was leading his people to get settled into the Promise Land. My hope is from these stories we can gain truth to help us as a church to build on the efforts from this past year and gain momentum in 2020. This coming Sunday we’ll draw from a story found in Deuteronomy 2:3. Speaking through Moses, God tells his people, “You have circled this mountain long enough, go north.” Haven’t we all needed to heed similar advice because we kept retracing our efforts, on something. Finally, the time came to cease going in circles and claim a new and different direction. One person said too often we can confuse movement with momentum. I hope the January’s sermons give us clearer vision and we see truth to build in the new year momentum as we seek to live for Christ.

It’s All About Him

Pastor Gus

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