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You never know where the evidence of Christ is going to turn up next. Churchleaders.com ran an article this week about Adam Wainwright who plays for the St. Louis Cardinals. I think we may have a Cardinal fan or two in the church. Wainwright made a resolution to read through the Bible in one year. He is using his Twitter account to invite people to read along with him. He is also providing some comments about the passages assigned for each daily reading. So far, Wainwright has had over 13,000 people sign up to read along with him. If you’re interested to can go to @walkingwwaino to join him in reading through the Bible in a year. Wainwright is very open about his faith in Christ. I also came across a story of a young man in Wilmington North Carolina named Jeremiah Murrill. He works at a Chic-fil-A. Someone video-recorded Jeremiah doing what he loves to do when he works for Chic-fil-A. Jeremiah loves to take orders outside as people use the drive through service. He is polite, engaging, works hard to remember the names of regular customers. One of the regular customers recorded Jeremiah as he was taking their order and posted the video on YouTube. Over a hundred and fifty thousand views have been made of the video. Jeremiah’s popularity and impact has happened because of his consistent kindness in words and actions as he waits on customers. Jeremiah said in an interview, he hopes to one day own his own Chic-fil-A and incorporate Christian music and other aspects of ministry he loves into how he runs his business. Whether a famous athlete or customer service personnel in a local restaurant, the evidence of Christ is showing up in people and making a difference. How is it possible that Christ can show up in you and us as a congregation in 2020? Jeremiah’s story demonstrates it is not just the famous athletes who will make a difference. The person who engages people with a warm smile, actions of kindness motivated by faith in Jesus can make an impact. Christ uses our faith to touch the lives of others. Christians like Adam Wainwright and Jeremiah Murrill decided how they would live in following Jesus. What could be that unique step you can take this year so that through your life other people bump into Jesus through you? It’s All About Him Pastor Gus

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