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The message this week will be focused on the life of King Josiah.  He is another king who is not a household name of the Old Testament like kings David and Solomon.  Josiah’s legacy was that he was a spiritual reformer.  He was the greatest among the few kings who sought to lead their people in revival and renewal to turn back to God.  You can read about Josiah’s in 2 Kings 22-23 and 2 Chronicles 34-35.  There are many great points about Josiah’s life to cover.  Here is one side note in his story, but an important nuance to know.  2 Kings 22:14 and 2 Chronicles 34:22 describe the role of a prophetess named Huldah when the Law of Moses was recovered.  Josiah’s priest sought Huldah’s help to interpret the ramifications of disobedience to the teachings God had revealed through Moses in the Law of Moses.  The role of Huldah reminds us leadership by women in crucial situations can be found in the Old Testament and this is one example.  Huldah’s story is an example why Disciples of Christ ordain women in various roles of leadership. 

   However, lets come back now to a major theme and that is the impact of recovering the Law of Moses.  The recovery of the Law of Moses was in effect to recover a word or message from God.  The recovery of a word from God led to major spiritual change and renewal in Josiah’s life as he led God’s people.  Just stew on that point of recovering a word or a message from God.  Go literal with interpreting what I am saying and consider what might be the word God wants you and us to recover today.  Like looking through a shoe-box of pictures and finding that one snapshot that carries more than a memory but also a message, a simple message in one word like grace, truth, justice or compassion, God can use to alter our perspective in the moment.  I hope before Sunday you read about Josiah and you’re blessed to recover a word from God.  All of us need a word of grace.  Maybe you need to recover a word of hope or a word of action to take about something God desires in your life. Josiah is a powerful story of what happened to God’s people when a message of truth and purpose was recovered by God’s people. 


Pastor Gus


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