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I recently heard pastor Max Lucado tell about the time his father let him stay up late when Max was six years old and watch a werewolf movie. Lucado said after the movie was over, he wished he had not watched it because now he had go to bed, alone! That night, Max woke up thirsty. His father had stressed to him Max was old enough to go to the kitchen and get a drink of water by himself and didn’t need to wake up his father for permission. Max got out bed, walked down the hallway and then stopped at the edge of the living room. The living room was between the hallway where he stood and the kitchen. Six year old Max was sure, werewolves might be real and could be hiding in the living room behind the couch to grab Max. Max turned around and walked back down the hallway to his father. He asked his father to go with him. His father walked Max through the living room to the kitchen. Max said his dad had no concern in the least about anything hiding behind the couch. As they stood in the kitchen, Max sipped his water and looked up at his father with awe for his father’s strength and courage. Then Lucado interjected this point, Matthew 8:26 tells us how Jesus once asked his disciples a question. He asked the question when they woke Jesus up because they were in a storm at sea. Jesus asked his disciples, “What are you afraid of?” There is nothing wrong with a certain level of fear about certain things. Right now, people should have a healthy fear of driving across a flooded road – flooded roads can be dangerous. The question from Jesus prompts me to remember this, to whom do I turn when I am afraid? Do I looked to God for help and direction, like six-year old Max looked to his father? Take your fears and look to God for the strength to walk you through that intimidating space in life. Max walked with his father through the place that scared Max, actually pulling tightly on his father’s t-shirt is more accurate. Look to God spiritually and then follow his leading. Follow his leading by imitating the boldness we see in the Jesus of scripture and living his teachings. Max would have never known if his father was greater than Max’s fear, if Max wouldn’t follow his dad. Watch for the presence of God and follow his lead by living his words. The fearful times will not totally disappear; but we will learn we can look to our heavenly Father with awe because of the comfort and boldness he brings to our hearts. It’s All About Him, Pastor Gus

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