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By the time you are receiving this newsletter, the news about the death of former NBA star, Kobe Bryant has dominated the headlines for three days. Kobe, his thirteen-year-old daughter and seven other people died in a helicopter accident. Any loss of life is tragic and newsworthy; however, for me and possibly you, it is different when the person who dies is famous or legendary. Kobe was just forty-one years old, married, four children, and his youngest child is seven months of age. Kobe was living out his second career since retiring from a hall of fame career in professional basketball. In the blink of an eye he and eight other souls are gone from their family and friends. So often we hear and speak the cliché, “we’re not promised tomorrow; but the reality is were not promised the next moment in front of us. The tragic accident of this week reminds us no one including the famous are insulated from the realities of life.
Our response to the fragility of life does not have to be fear. I have often heard from various sources, the need to “stay in the present moment.” “Live life in the present.” Bumper sticker encouragement like this might have us asking, “stay in the moment with what and how? I hope our response is a deeper conviction to live out what the Apostle Paul said was the greatest virtue. In 1st Corinthians 13:13, Paul once said, “And now faith, hope and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love.” Perhaps, love is the greatest, because love stays focused on responding to the present moment; not regret and bitterness over the past or fear about the future. Love has 20/20 vision of how to respond best to the moment that will best affect the future and best respond to the past. Consider what according to Luke 23:34, Jesus said from the cross, “Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” Even in his moment of anguish, he responded to the present circumstance with love. He chose to love even while in agony from the cross. Love helped him to remain true to himself and God. Love is the virtue that describes God the most and best, "love". 1 John 4:17 states, “God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God and God abides in them.” We aren’t promised a next moment of life so whatever moment we face, respond out of love, out of what is wanting the best for those before us and reveals God abiding in us.

It’s All About Him

Pastor Gus

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