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    Sunday evening, I spent time with our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.  I didn’t watch much of the Super Bowl half-time show  because I was playing with Rosie, but what amount I saw was disappointing.   I agree with the comment of one writer who I read on Monday that asked, “How is it that much of the culture can support the “Me-too” movement to  stop the exploitation of women, but have no outcry about the content like  the halftime show. Since when is pole-dancing a part of family entertainment?”  (Churchleaders.com) As I listened to some sports radio programs after the game and throughout the day on Monday, I heard nothing but praise for the halftime show performance and one hundred percent approval for the dancing and the outfits worn by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.  No surprise there.  Then I came across this statement that I believe is a helpful reminder. “Why are we shocked when the world acts like, sings like, and dances like the world? An excellent reminder that Christians are sojourners, and we’re just passing through.” (Churchleaders.com, 2/3/20)      It’s not the first time I have heard a statement such as that; which reminds us the world will demonstrate values that can be far from anything Christian and resemble biblical teachings.  We are truly living in an age when the church doesn’t hold the influence it once did with the secular culture.  The secular culture doesn’t turn first to the church for guidance.  Verbally confronting those who thought the halftime show was great, will probably not influence anyone spiritually or morally.  Calling people out would be to expect people to know better.  The halftime show reveals how comfortable the culture is with entertainment loaded with sexual gestures and permissiveness.  It is a needed reminder not to be shocked when the world acts like the world, when family and friends who don’t claim to be Christians, prove it by their works and entertainment.  Our best response is to follow the wisdom of Jesus who said, “Let your light shine…”  Let your light shine by maybe next year taking a walk during the halftime show or changing the channel.  Let your light shine if you’re asked your opinion about the show, share why you think the show was not good entertainment.  Remember Paul’s words that “We’re in the world but not of the world.”  Sometimes, we simply need to say no thank you to participating in what others think is great in-order to have a chance at being the light we need to be.  Who knows, perhaps over time people will question why you do or don’t do what you do or don’t do.  Once they ask, then we can speak to that moment.  Most of all, keep in mind Jesus came as the Light for the world in darkness.  If you do think the halftime show was revealing of spiritual darkness in the culture, then remember, that’s why he came, and the church has a mission.  And oh yeah, there is the need to consider our sinfulness that adds to the darkness.   No wonder we’re instructed to “pray without ceasing.”   
It’s All About Him
Pastor Gus

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