Pastor's Article

Our congregation’s vision statement is, “We are a caring and serving church for changing times.” Our vision statement means just what it says, we watch for ways we can care for people in the times we are living. Our mission statement is what drives our vision. The first sentence of our mission statement says, “We are dedicated to leading people to faith in Jesus Christ and encouraging them as they grow in their relationship with Christ.” We will care about others as we grow in our relationship with Jesus. As the presence and character of Jesus grows in us, our caring and encouraging toward others will occur. What are the key ways you are growing in your relationship with Jesus? Are you open to new practical tools to help you gain understanding and tools that could help you communicate Jesus more effectively to others? There is a website I came across that I would encourage you to explore because it offers some tools to help increase our biblical literacy. The website is bibleproject.com. It contains podcast, videos and other resources that I find very helpful teaching resources. The resources can be used for yourself or for sharing with another person or use in groups. I find the content of the teaching videos to be sound biblically and they are presented in a pace not to bog the viewer down and whet the appetite to know more. Bibleproject.com contains a variety of topics and plenty of video and podcast to keep any of us busy for a while. Here is one other feature that is very positive in how they present their videos. The videos are presented in an animated fashion that could be used with all ages. I encourage you to investigate this website for yourself and possibly share with others as a tool to lead and encourage others in Jesus Christ. It’s All About Him Pastor Gus

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