God Invites You to Become Involved with Him

God Invites You to Become Involved with Him in His Work. Exodus 3:7-10 October 27, 2019
Every invitation we receive has an agenda. The purpose of an invitation may be to get us to attend a function like a wedding.  The invitation might be to donate to a worthy cause, or purchase something.  Every invitation has an agenda or purpose.  As we experience the presence of God there is often an invitation.  God’s invitation also has an agenda or purpose.  
The reason why we may not be experiencing God as fully as we could is because too often, we think about an experience of God bringing us fulfillment, completeness maybe answers.   • However, an invitation doesn’t complete anything.   • Invitations are intended to create movement toward something in the future.   • Invitations are to bring us into involvement with something beyond ourselves.   • Invitations are waiting to see if you’re going to attend the wedding, send the donation, or take advantage of that once in a lifetime sale that really the stores run about four times a year. 
Therefore, as we continue our focus on how we experience God, the point this morning is to grow in the awareness and purpose of watching for the invitation from God to us. 
Overview Let’s catch-up quickly where we are at this point in the life of Moses.  Moses has fled Egypt.  He is now married and shepherding the flock for his father-in-law, Jethro.  Last week we read the passage as Moses went beyond the wilderness to Mt. Horeb, the mountain of God.  Moses saw the burning bush at Mt. Horeb.  Last week we ended our reading where God had called out to Moses from the burning bush and Moses realized
it was God speaking to Moses.  Today we are going to cover verses 7-10 as we jump back into the conversation God is having with Moses.
Exodus 3:7-10
His desire is to get you from where you are to where He’s working.
Dr. Henry Blackaby states that God’s invitations to us have an agenda to move us from where we are to where God is working.  I think that is an interesting statement.
God is at work to move us where God is working.  Notice it is not about being at some spiritual level of just agreement or insight.  God is seeking to move us to where God is busy.   Do you agree?   • Can we think of any scene, any story in the scriptures where God’s presence shows up just to show up?  • Can you think of a scene where God reveals himself in some form only for the purpose to just to check-in and then be on His way?
Maybe the only stories where God’s presence is revealed and known only for the sake of checking-in with a person or group is when there is a situation of grief or trauma.   • God comes to Elijah the prophet during Elijah’s moment of high discouragement and God ministers to Elijah. • Jesus shows up at the tomb of Lazarus and comforts, sisters Mary and Martha.   • God is not asking for anything in moments like those.
Some might offer the story when God came into the Garden of Eden looking for Adam and Eve, it seems as though God was just checking in.  I would agree, but that was before the revealing of the deception and defiance by Adam and Eve came to light.  Ever since that time, God has been dealing with our flawed human condition.
 Usually when God’s shows up, He does more than just check-in.
I think Dr. Blackaby is right, because of our flawed condition, out of God’s great love for us, God shows up to get us to a better place spiritually than we currently.  The best and better place spiritually is being where God is and involved with whatever God is doing.
The best and better place might be for some tutoring in the school system, so serving in the economically challenged area of town, or making those personal visits to people going through challenges of life.     He leads you from being self-centered to God-centered. (vs.7-9) In verses 7-9 God began to tell Moses he has seen the suffering of his people.  God has heard their crises.  He knows what is going on and he tells Moses He plans to bring his people out of Egypt to a new land.   Here is what we should note – why tell Moses?  God wasn’t just venting his pain and shock, was he?  God wasn’t being like us when we call or drop by and ask some one if they have a moment to listen to us so we can we get something off our chest.  God is God.  So why tell Moses about the situation?  The first move God makes was to inform Moses about the pain of others and what God planned to do about it.
The moment God informed Moses about the pain others were going through, and the plan God has for them, God was moving the heart of Moses.  The burning bush was more than a miracle for Moses to see.  The miracle of the Burning Bush was to move Moses beyond his selfconcern to the concern God had for those who were hurting.  God’s invitation is going to have the purpose to move us from being selfcentered, self-aware to God-centered and aware of others.  
When God reveals to you where He’s working, that becomes His invitation to join Him in his activity. (9-10) As God described the suffering of the Israelites, he revealed to Moses where God was working.  God’s disclosure that the people of Israel were hurting in Egypt is the target or location for where God was working.  God doesn’t bother Moses with a long recital of history.  He didn’t explain how was able to make the Burning Bush happen. He told Moses about the suffering of God’s people and then announced Moses needed to go to Pharaoh and begin to work to let God’s people go.  So, where God revealed there was pain and a need, God also revealed the target for serving, caring and helping where God can be experienced.
Puzzled and bewildered about how God wants to use you?  Moses’ story is great for when and if we are struggling to pin down what God is calling us to do.  We need to ask who are the hurting people closest to us?  
If you constantly tell yourself you just don’t know where you are needed or ought to plug-in to do your part, or give back, then ask who are the hurting people that you know?   Ask who are the hurting people nearest you and serve them.
What are the situations within our circle of influence where in some way we could provide a source of God’s concern and compassion?
If we can answer those types of questions, then we have a target for where and how God is seeking to use our lives and we can experience Him.
Look at our new vision statement - We are a caring and serving church for changing times.  Look around you and where there is a situation to apply your caring or step in where life is changing for someone and if you can name it, you most likely have the focus of God’s invitation to use your life.
When God reveals His work to you, that’s the time to respond to Him. (v.10)
The scripture tells us, God was ready for Moses to go.  He doesn’t ask Moses what he thinks about God’s plan.  God didn’t need his approval any more than God asked Jonah approval about going to Nineveh.   The assumption in the Biblical world is if God told you, called you and invited you, then you are the right person for the job no matter what you think.  Moses needed to go. When God invites, its right.  When the opportunity is there that is the crucial time to say yes, go, serve, help and put compassion into action. 
Here is a good spot for us to remember, promised obedience will not lead to experience of God.  Some would say delayed obedience is still disobedience.  Intending and meaning to is never going to experience working with God and being in tune with Him.
Christian author, Lisa Terkeurest makes a good point that our disobedience often happens because were in a hurry.  Our rushed schedules influence why we miss experiences of God because we pass on the invitations from God.  Busy lives miss what God is up to.  
She describes how one day at church she saw a woman in the lobby who seemed lonely.  Lisa had this impulse to stop and say hello but was in a hurry.  Later the impression about needing to speak to that woman remained with her.  She described the woman to a friend at church who knew the woman and gave Lisa a means to contact her.  Lisa reached out through email and invited her out for coffee.  The two met, connected and it turned out to be one of those encounters where Lisa received more encouragement than she felt like she gave.  She said that experience heled her realize that promised obedience is not the same as obedience and will prevent us from experiencing God and the people God uses.  Promised obedience may soothe our conscious; but it is not being in tune with God.  
 Illustration: Did you hear recently about the homeless female subway singer that made the news?  Take a look at this story about her. 
She had been homeless for quite some time. Many people knew about the women and her talent.  One person stepped into the invitation and took the step to record her singing and post it online.  Now she is getting a chance to work and earn a better living with her talent and escape her poverty.  Many people witnessed her singing every day in the subway, but one person didn’t pass her by any longer and took a risk that has led to her receiving help.
I love the new symbol for the Holy Trinity that we have adopted for our name.   Show Picture The circular symbol of the Trinity = Movement, God’s presence is dynamic and always moving in us and around us.
Then think about our new vision statement.  “We are a caring and serving church for changing times.”  God’s invitation is going to be for us to put the compassion of Jesus in action. We can;
Volunteer in two schools within a mile of the church. Blood Drive 9-1:00 December 22 Jacob’s Ladder Samaritan Purse Canvass the neighborhood before Christmas Personal situations 
Those are the invitations and opportunities to be where God is so we care and share and as we do, the experience of God will be present.

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