Current Sermon Series:

Kings of the Old Testament


From the Pastor:

    In this sermon series we will not include stories of the well-known kings like Saul, David, or Solomon.  We will look at stories of lesser known kings because I hope their stories broaden our literacy of the scriptures.  This Sunday the sermon will be on another no-name royal from the Old Testament and his name King Ahaziah.  You can read about him in 1Kings 22:51 through 2 Kings 1.  We’ll use his story to define discernment, consider what limits discernment, what enhances it and what confirms our discernment.

Upcoming Messages:

7/8 King Manassah (See Pastor's Article). Scripture: 2 Chronicles 33

7/15 King Asa. Scripture: 1 Kings 15

7/22 King Ahaziah. Scripture: 2 Kings 1

7/29 King Josiah. Scripture: 2 Kings 22
8/5  King Hezekiah. Scripture: 2 Chronicles 32